A Committed Answering Team, 24/7 at Your Service

We know that there are different types of customers and that we are making sure that there is a good approach for each. We are a team of professional answering service experts who feel the need of your customers and are ready to ensure that they are being taken care of, and at the same time, being there when they need us real time.

Our 24/7 Call Center Services

Dedicated Project

We provide you with one project manager that will be your point of contact so that you don’t have to worry about contacting different agents.


Provided Training for Agents

the quality of calls aren’t hampered with Call Me. We make sure that our agents are trained enough to learn your business so they know who are the customers they are dealing with.


Weekly Performance Monitoring

You are not left behind with updates on how we work. We monitor our agents, provide them property coaching, and ensure that they are doing their best. 


Quality Control

All calls are recorded and being monitored for quality purposes. Our Quality Team are of service to ensure that no care specialists are rude and out of the line.


At CallMe, we aim for better communications between businesses and individuals through an easy-to-understand system to make you stay ahead of the competition while we help you bridge the gap between your clients or partners. 

We provide teams, customers and business partners with the flexibility so that we can work with them instead of them working for us. They in return can expect that we collaborate and connect with their valued clients anytime with the utmost quality possible. 

With a heart for customer service, we believe that our cost-effective and flexible system has created the ideal two-way communication where businesses can thrive in the competitive market. 

Managed by Psalms Global OPC, CallMe believes in putting the customers first and helping YOU strive for excellence. 




This overview aims to help you better understand the system layout so you can navigate it to your advantage. We want to make it easy for you.