OPTION 1:You can do a direct consultation with CallMe.Com.Ph via phone. You can call or text this number (415) 770-0422.

*** Call hours: 9AM – 5PMPST

*** Text : 5PM -8AMPST


Use CONTACT US form to get started. You will receive a notification reply via email from CALLME Management Team to get started.

STEP 1: After consultation, you may now get started by getting a forwarding Number ( it will serve as your Company’s Caller ID). Click this VC MOBILE NUMBER REQUEST. It will take 24-48 hours for the number to get set up. You will receive a notification email or text once your Vodaconnect phone number has been set up.

While we set up your forwarding , we will also set up your account in our internal CRM.

  1. You must send your script to
  2. We will set up your CRM and create your script inside our CallMe System.
  3. Once completed, we will send you an email that it’s ready to go.
  4. The client will do a final check with the script and make amendments before it goes live.
  5. The client has to set his/her phone lines to the forwarding number created. If the test is successful, we will go live.


STEP 2: After the forwarding number has been set up, then you can PICK YOUR PLAN to get started with CallMe. Here is the LINK.

STEP 3: Any issues with your CallMe account, please make sure to send a message to